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“What is a demon king? Is it power? A title? Authority? A position?” “It’s none of them. I am simply me. To completely annihilate those subordinates who rise up and rebel against this me no matter what their destiny or providence is. That is what a demon king is.” “If you can’t believe in me that’s fine, however, I will break your destiny if you wish it Sasha. Misha. If you say a miracle has occurred then I will make it so.” Believe in me or don’t. I don’t care about things like that. “Do not pray and do not wish. Simply walk behind my back. I will stand before you and block all unreasonableness. I will annihilate it all from now!”
Anos to Sasha and Misha


Anos Voldigoad is feared by all as the Demon Lord Anos. Eventually, he gets tired of all wars and battles and decides that the only way to achieve peace is to build walls between the four races, hoping that they will forget their grudge after a thousand years or more. Thus, he makes a deal with the hero Kanon, the great spirit Reno and the god of creation of the myths Militia and sacrifices himself for this cause, saying that he will reincarnate after 2000 years.


Personality: Anos seems to have a relaxed attitude most of the time, but he is also very cruel when dealing with his enemies.

Intelligence: At least Extraordinary Genius (Anos memorized and learned a complicated magic formula in 1 second which took Sasha 1 month to learn, and then proceeded to complete the formula which even the creator wouldn't have been able to do for another 1000 years after witnessing it only once. Anos deciphered hundreds of thousands of magic characters with one look which would take an accomplished mage a whole day to do. Anos is knowledgeable about the atomic structure of objects, and when he uses creation magic to create an object, he doesn't just create the object but also the atoms that make up the object. Anos has mastered almost all of magic and also developed Origin Magic, a completely new and powerful type of magic. Anos read and perfectly memorised 1,799 books in mere moments. After witnessing the spell Grasping Magic Hand <Rayon> being used only once, Anos learned and recreated the completely unknown magic characters and formula instantly. Anos is capable of performing 100 parallel thoughts simultaneously even under high pressure with Thought Parallel Possession <Likness>, which even magicians that mastered this spell are incapable of. Anos consistently develops new and powerful spells and also copies and improves upon the already existing spells of his opponents during combat)

Power and Stats

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Extrasensory Perception (Can sense the flow of magic power), Longevity (demons have long lives), Immortality (Types 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 Was still alive despite having his heart crushed. Can reincarnate when he dies. Can resurrect as long as his source which exists beyond the body, soul and mind exists. After absorbing Graham's source, Anos has any abilities and resistances related to it. Can fragment his source and place it in other people's bodies, thus being able to take over the person's body totally), Regeneration (Rank A. Capable of regenerating even after his source (concept) has been destroyed, sharing a similar nature to Graham, who was also capable of coming back after the destruction of his source), Acausality (Type 4. Anos is a "misfit" that exists outside the world's framework, order, reason and logic altogether), Weapon Mastery (Skilled enough to keep up with Lay Glanzudlii in a sword duel), Energy Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Air Manipulation (Can generate wind pressure with his blinks that blow out holy flames and destroy anti-magic), Status Amplification (able to amplify your stats dozens of times), Durability Negation & Sound Manipulation (Can infuse magic power into his heartbeat allowing him to kill anyone who hears it from the inside out), Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation (Can cast black lightnings with Jirasd), Thread Manipulation (Can create magic threads throughout a person's body and control them), Cloth Manipulation, Chain Manipulation (Zora E Dipto creates chain which blocks the enemy's movement and magic power and burn it with a hellish flame), Flight, Healing, Power Nullification (Has an always active anti-magic field around him. Disturbed the magic flow around Sasha to disable her ability to fly. Can destroy magic with his Demon Eyes of Destruction, making it the ultimate anti-magic ability), Aura, Magic (Has mastered almost all magic), Body Puppetry (His words can compel others to follow his orders), Body Control (Can control his own growth, such as when he made his body 16 years older), Duplication (Can create a duplicate of his body and send his consciousness to it), Deconstruction (Can cause whatever he looks at to disintegrate with the demon eyes of destruction), Sleep Manipulation (Can cause people to sleep by looking at them with the demon eyes of destruction), Mind Manipulation (Can disintegrate his opponents mind with the demon eyes of destruction), Enhanced Senses (Can see the blood inside others, can see and hear things far away), Fear Manipulation (Can cause people to feel fear just from his words or with his magic power), Death Manipulation (Can kill those who sense his magic power), Paralysis Inducement (Can paralyze the senses of others by emitting his magic power), Corrosion Inducement (Anos' blood corrodes the world), Poison Manipulation (Can create a poison that corrodes the body and source of the target and destroys the magical organs of the body), Fusionism (Can fuse magics together), Underwater Breathing (Type 4; Can use magic to breathe underwater), Memory Manipulation (Can recall the distant and far off memories of others. Can share his memories with others), Telepathy (Can share his thoughts with others and read minds), Telekinesis (Can use magic to move objects), Non-Physical Interaction (Can affect the source of others which exists beyond the body, soul and mind. Can affect rumors, legends, concepts, and abstract beings), Creation (Can produce things that already exist in the world. Can create new magic), Illusion Creation (Can create illusions. With <Nedneriaz> Anos creates a necklace that grabs your opponent's neck, leaving him in an illusion indistinguishable from reality, where he will die tens of thousands of times in this illusion while a few seconds in reality, you can only get out of this illusion with one requirement that Anos impose, or with the release of the Anos), Forcefield Creation (Capable of creating barriers and anti-magic forcefields), Explosion Manipulation (Caused the magic power of 80 people to go out of control, resulting in them exploding), BFR (Can send the target to the other side of space-time in another dimension using Baroika), Sealing (Eternal Death Killer keeps the target in a coffin that prevents them from using magic and gives them eternal death preventing them from escaping), Resurrection (Can resurrect anyone who has died within 3 seconds and also himself), Necromancy (Can resurrect the dead as zombies), Life Manipulation (Created the Seven Elder Demon Emperors with his own blood), Transmutation (With Nedra he can turn humans or animals into a demon), Genius Intelligence, Photographic Memory (Read and memorized one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine books in moments), Spatial Manipulation (Can burn space with Egil Grone Angdroa's apocalyptic "flames"), Time Manipulation, Time Stop (Can stop time for a day), Time Travel (Can do a limited journey in time 2000 years into the past. Can travel back in time, and send his attacks back in time), Dimensional Travel (Can attack across dimensions, and also connect dimensions together and also cross dimensions himself), Teleportation (Can connect 2 spaces allowing for instantaneous movement), Invisibility (Can become invisible and conceal his magic power), Absorption (Capable of absorbing energy and magic power. Anos was able to absorb Graham's source, and after absorbing it, Anos gained any abilities and resistances related to it), Power Bestowal (Can restore the magic power of others with his own), Power Mimicry (He was able to copy the spell Rayon after witnessing someone using it), Existence Erasure (Can make a target's body disappear without trace by injecting Beno Yeven on them), Information Analysis, Reactive Evolution (The same power doesn't work on him twice. Anos is able to move his source out of and back into his body even while incapacitated, allowing him to adapt to abilities which are actively affecting him), Clairvoyance, Curse Manipulation (Cursed Emilia to be reborn as a mixed-blood until the end of time), Holy Manipulation (Can give holy power to objects such as swords), Probability Manipulation (With Veneziara he encompasses all possibilities, the possibility that he attacks, or the possibility that he doesn't, all at once. Therefore, when using this ability, Anos could be standing still yet attacking at the same time), Immortality Negation (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 12) & Regeneration Negation (Rank A; Was able to kill Anahem, an immortal demi-god who could regenerate his source/concept), Nonexistent Erasure (Anos' source of perdition is able to continuously erase Graham's nothingness, though Graham could still regenerate it back due to his odd nature), Chaos Manipulation, Law Manipulation & Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3. The Demon Eyes of Chaotic Destruction is capable of destroying reason, order and principles. If there's a contradiction between the Demon Eyes of Chaotic Destruction and the principles that must be destroyed, Anos will win unilaterally. Bebesd can directly touch and destroy a target's source/concept. Can destroy laws & concepts in deeper layers, which has an uncountably greater affect on reality than baseline laws & concepts)

All previous abilities in addition to Void Manipulation & Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2 for his source. His source is fused with Graham's nothingness, and he is capable of using the latter's nothingness to protect himself or to attack, by converting either himself or the target to nothingness), Self-Destruction (Anos can self destroy its own source, which would cause the destruction of the entire universe)

All previous abilities in addition to Statistics Amplification (Rayon grabs a magic spell and amplifies it, giving it more raw power), Subjective Reality (World Makeup Fictional Reality <Hilyam Pelem> determines the order of the realm by what those in that realm believe. If both people agree that this is a world where magic can't be used, then magic really can't be used. Anos doesn't require the opponent's agreement for this spell to function)

All previous abilities to an extremely higher degree.

Resistance to Deconstruction & Sleep Manipulation (Unaffected by the demon eyes of destruction which causes whatever it looks at to disintegrate and can put people to sleep), Space-Time Manipulation (Was unaffected by a time stop. With his bare hands he stopped an attack which ruptured time-space), Paralysis Inducement, Power Nullification, Perception Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Unaffected by Wesnera's divine chains that utilize the Order of Bondage, which completely suppress the target's body, magic power, 5 senses and thoughts, and is potent enough to at least overpower baseline resistances. Capable of using his powers in areas that are supposed to nullify his abilities. Unaffected by the demon eyes of destruction which can disintegrate peoples minds), Fire Manipulation (Unaffected by Anahem's divine kingdom that burns anyone who enters it), Ice Manipulation (Unaffected by Arcana's Moon of Creation <Artieltonoa>, a divine order that utilzes the Order of Creation), Death Manipulation (Unaffected by Caihiram's curse that destroys the source and eternally kills what it touches), Void Manipulation (Unaffected by Graham's scythe which can cut void itself), Attack Reflection (Unaffected by anti-magic circles, weapons, and reflection barriers), Clairvoyance (Nafta that saw all the infinite futures of someone could not see all the future of Anos), Resistance Negation (Has resisted numerous gods' abilities even though gods' abilities can only be resisted by other gods), Fate Manipulation (Capable of changing, breaking and overturning fate. Can destroy providence, fate and miracles. Capable of resisting and obliterating Eques' <Beld Rase Femblem>, which induces a predetermined fate that works even if you go to the past before the ability was used. Additionally, <Beld Rase Femblem> also works on Type 4 Acausals), Existence Erasure, Law Manipulation & Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3. Unaffected by Aberneyu's Sun of Destruction <Sargeldonave>, a divine order that utilizes the Order of Destruction), Pain Manipulation (Capable of staying alive and unbothered for a while even after his source was damaged by Evansmana), Power Modification (Anos' powers do not obey Nousgalia's divine orders), Immortality Negation & Regeneration Negation (Rank A; After absorbing Graham's source, Anos has any abilities and resistances related to it), Unconventional Resistance to Soul Manipulation & Mind Manipulation (Good magicians can keep their memories at their source, which is the basic concept of existence that exists beyond the body, soul and mind, and even if their body perishes, as long as their source is intact, they can be revived. In other words, they can "think" with their source (concept) and thus have unconventional resistance to abilities that affect the soul or mind)

Law Manipulation & Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3; This Principle Destroying Sword can destroy all things in creation. Whether it's providence, fate, or miracles, they can do nothing but bow down and disappear before it. No matter how tough, eternal or infinite it is, Venuzdonoa will destroy it alongside its reason. Before this Principle Destroying Sword all reason is meaningless. Reason doesn't exist before Venuzdonoa hence it broke a space completely isolated from the world which makes it impossible to interfere from the outside, avoiding Venuzdonoa is useless as avoiding it doesn't mean you avoided it, spamming a lot of decoy gates and escaping in one of them, is also useless as the reason that if he didn’t cut them all they couldn’t be cut, also doesn't exist as Venuzdonoa destroys it. Magical things like distances and dimensions are irrelevant. In front of this Principle Destroying Sword, all reason turns to nothing, hence it's useless to think about what it can or can't do. The only principle that Venuzdonoa allows to exist is the destruction of Anos' enemies. Can destroy laws & concepts in deeper layers, which has an uncountably greater affect on reality than baseline laws & concepts), Spatial Manipulation (Can cut space in half with Venuzdonoa), Causality Manipulation (Can reverse cause and effect, such as making a slower attack overcome a faster one), Immortality Negation (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 Capable of killing and bypassing Jerga's immortality, Nousgalia who could possess other people and incorporate into them couldn’t do anything with Venuzdonoa was around), Regeneration Negation (Rank A; Nousgalia, who can come back from source/concept destruction, cannot regenerate when Venuzdonoa is around. Venuzdonoa is capable of completely destroying the target's source. Ivis Necron when fused with Eugo La Raviaz, the embodiment of the world's order, still couldn't regenerate after having been cut by the sword), Nonexistent Erasure (Capable of erasing Graham's nothingness, although the latter could still regenerate it back due to his odd nature), Regeneration & Resistance to Regeneration Negation (Rank A; Venuzdonoa can regenerate its wielder's source (concept) after it's been destroyed, even if the wielder's regeneration is being completely negated), Resistance to Power Absorption

Dimensionality: 3D, affecting 4D structures | 3D, affecting 4D structures | N.A | N.A

Existential Status: Concrete, can affect Abstract beings | Concrete, can affect Abstract beings | Abstract (Its source is the very concept of Chaos) | Abstract

Attack Potency: City Level (His clash with Lay caused a mountain to vanish, and also blowing away the clouds), Multiverse level with Venuzdonoa (Venuzdonoa could destroy everything of creation no matter how infinite they may be, which includes the Silver Sea which is a multiverse with countless bubble-shaped universes and the Abyssal Headquarters which is an isolated universe from that Sea and which is much higher hierarchically at the same time) | Large Planet level (He moved the moon to create an eclipse and said he could do the same with the stars), Multi-Solar System level up to Universe level+ With Gilieriam Naviem (Nirvana Seven Steps Conquest <Gilieriam Naviem>, when activated, greatly amplifies Anos' power. In this state, with every coming of Anos' steps, the entire universe begins to shake more and more violently. If the seventh step is unleashed, the already fragile universe will be completely destroyed), Multiverse level With Venuzdonoa | Universe level+ (Anos could destroy one of the Silver Sea universes with only his fists, each Universe has an infinite size and is a space-time continuum different from others. Have to constantly suppress your own power in order not to destroy the universe), Multiverse level With Venuzdonoa | Multiverse level (Anos mentions that Venuzdonoa only serves to control his own power if he loses control of its source, so he must be far superior to it. Completely unnafected by Venuzdonoa's attacks and Anos himself implied to be stronger than it)

Durability: City level (Gaius' sword that was said to have cut a range of mountains broke when it hit Anos on the head) | Large Planet level (like attack) | Universe level+ (It could survive the seventh step of Nirvana that would completely destroy the universe) | Multiverse level

Speed: Supersonic (Far superior to Ydol Anzeo who can attack two hundred times in one second) | Massively FTL+ ( Extremely superior to Shin Reglia who has this feat) up to Immeasurable combat speed and reactions (It reacted, blocked and deflected several times from Eges' spear from 10 meters away, the spear lacks the concept of time and hits its targets instantly) | Massively FTL+ up to Immeasurable combat speed and reactions (same as before) | Immeasurable (Extremely superior to before, all of his earlier deeds were suppressing his own power. He is by far the most powerful character in the verse today.)

Lifting Strength: MN (Raised a castle with one finger) | ZN possibly Pre-Stellar (moved the moon to create an eclipse and said he could do the same thing with the stars) | Universal (With his little finger he withstood the pressure of a God who stole the weight of the universe) | Universal

Stamina: Extremely High (while fighting with Ergo Dela Vaz he was giving magic to Sasha Necron to use lebaido, and he was still creating magical barriers so that they would not be hit by Ergo's attacks and creating barriers in himself. Melheys spent hours absorbing the power of Anos and all he got was 10% of his power. Claimed to fight Graham source for billions of years)

Range: Hundreds of Kilometres & Interdimensional. Multiversal & Interdimensional with Venuzdonoa (Venuzdonoa was able to manifest inside an isolated different dimension because magical things like distances and dimensions are irrelevant. In front of Venuzdonoa, all reason turns to nothing, hence it's useless to think about what it can or can't do) | Planetary, possibly Interstellar (His magic can reach all the way to the moon, and implied that he could affect the stars as well). Universal+ with Gilieriam Naviem. Multiversal & Interdimensional with Venuzdonoa | Universal+. Multiversal & Interdimensional with Venuzdonoa | Multiversal

Physical Weaknesses: Neither

Psychological Weaknesses : Neither

Variations: Newly Reincarnated | Pre Silver-Sea | Post Silver-Sea | True Power

  • Compulsion Magic: Anos' words are naturally imbued with magic power, and as such, he can control the target's actions against their will by merely speaking. This ability is always active and can also bypass through anti-magic properties.
  • ZektContract: Magic which allows the user to sign contracts with others which absolutely have to be followed. If the user betrays the contract, they'll pay with their life. However, if there is too much difference in magic power, it can be unilaterally discarded. The only exception to it being discarded is if you create a Zect with yourself.
  • GatomTeleportation: Magic developed by Anos for demons to teleport 2,000 years ago. It connects 2 spaces, allowing for instantaneous movement.
  • IngalResurrection: Resurrection magic which allows the user to revive anyone who has died in the past 3 seconds. Advanced magic users can use this ability on themselves even from their source.
  • IglumZombie: Revives the dead as zombies. Instead of experiencing the pain of hatred when you die, you gain enormous magic.
  • GregaFlame: The lowest level of flame magic. Allows the user to shoot a projectile of fire at the enemy.
  • Jio GrazeHell Flame Annihilation Mortar: Said to be the highest-ranking of attack fire magic within the demons magic system, a powerful miniature jet-black sun which can be fired off at the enemy. In the Mythical Age, one caster could use multiple <Jio Graze>. Anos is said to have burned down Dilhaide with this spell while half-asleep.
  • GirasdDemon Black Storm Emperor: Black lightning gathers on the user's hand, increasing in size and power until it becomes a destructive typhoon. Additionally, the user can cover their bodies or attacks with Girasd, making them attain lightning properties.
  • NedraDemonization: The magic is mainly used to transform animals into demons. According to Anos, humans are also animals so the magic works well on them too. The target's physical abilities are strengthened but the changes vary depending on the caster and the animal. Sometimes its intelligence decreases, other times it increases and sometimes it increases enough that they become able to understand human language. Additionally, the appearance of the target that has Nedra cast on it changes into that of a demon. When humans turn into demons, it is a little different from other animals. The desire, malice, and hate of the human being appear in their outward appearance, revealing their true nature.
  • Demon Eyes of Ruin: Magic which allows him to disintegrate whatever he looks at including his opponents' mind and magic itself. It also allows him to put anyone he looks at to sleep. Additionally, Anos's demon eyes always work on his favor and seem to act on their own to an extent, as well as being able to affect and "destroy" even abstract powers such as Time Stop and Fate Manipulation.
  • Beno YevenFour Worlds Wall: The wall that divided the world into four 2,000 years ago. It rejects the existence of everything and destroys them. Anos can clad any part of his body, in the same way, the wall that separated the Infernal Realm, the Human Realm, Spirit Realm, and God Realm for 1,000 years. This can act as either a protective barrier or to strengthen his attacks. <Beno Yeven> also rejects all magic casted at it.
  • RivideTime Manipulation: Source magic which can be used to go back in time. Using this ability he can go back in time, send his attacks back in time 2000 years ago, and also stop time. Anos can use Rivide and stop time for a whole day if needed.
  • Demon Eyes of Chaos: The original demonic eyes of Anos before he suppressed and replaced them with the much weaker Demon Eyes of Ruin. The essence of these eyes is destruction, and it possesses unfathomable power that destroys even the indestructible. Merely the opening of these eyes will cause the entire world to collapse. If there is a contradiction between the Demon Eyes of Chaos and Order, the Demon Eyes of Chaos will win unilaterally. Due to how chaotic and destructive these eyes were, Anos suppressed his power to the limit and never used them, eventually obtaining the much more reasonable Demon Eyes of Ruin. Later on, Anos is able to use the Demon Eyes of Ruin while still having access to the Demon Eyes of Chaos.
  • Egil Grone Angdroa: Extreme Hell Destruction Ash Demon Mortar. Destruction magic, the magic that Anos is the best at. Burn what is supposed to burn, destroy what is supposed to perish, and turn the whole world into ashes. A "fire" magic that exceeds <Jio Graze>. The reason it is not positioned as the highest class of magic in the fire attribute is that only Anos can use it, and despite being in the form of a flame, it is totally another thing. When this world-destroying magic is cast, massive black flames dance across the entire world, burning anything and everything in existence to ashes.
  • Gili Eliam Naviem: Nirvana Seven Steps Conqueror. The second of Anos' world-destroying magic. There are seven steps, with each step further raising his bottomless magic power. With every coming of Anos' steps, the entire world begins to shake more and more violently. If the seventh step is unleashed, the already fragile world will be completely destroyed.
  • Laviers Gilg Gaveriizd: Palm Demon Ash Purple Annihilation Thunderfire Electric Field. A magic spell that Anos ends up inheriting from his original father. Said to be a doomsday magic with power that far outstrips that of Black Thunder Emperor Jirasudo, it is an unfinished deep magic that rains down immensely powerful purple lightning from the heavens to simply annihilate anything in its way.
  • Dogda Azbedara: Supreme Flame Magic Heavy Cannon. Highly explosive flame magic that trails towards the enemy in the form of a blue star. As a deep magic, its power is far beyond Jio Graze, to the point that it's not even comparable.
  • Rayon: Grasping Magic Hand. A deep magic Anos acquires during the events of the "Silver Sea". Anos coats his hands in layers of special magic that can be used to "catch" magic directed towards him by an enemy, or magic he himself produces. He can then compound said magic multiple times back and forth between his hands to make it many times more powerful before shooting it back at an enemy.
  • Aviastan Ziara: Jiao Death Annihilation Brilliant Fire. A fire magic developed by Mage King Bomiras that is an attribute higher than the Jio Graze. By forming a three-dimensional magic circle via multiple Jio Graze's, intense heat rays can be gathered on any part of the body resulting in an immensely powerful jet-black flame.
  • Zora E Dipto: Hell Flame Binding Magic Circle. A magical technique that summons chains of hell flame to constrict the enemy's movements and finish them off.
  • Veneziara: Wavy Body Covered Reveal. Anos's magic power fluctuates between possibility, so too, does his root and his body, when Anos uses this ability he encompasses all possibilities, the possibility that he attacks, or the possibility that he doesn't, all at once. Therefore, when using this ability, Anos could be standing still yet attacking at the same time.
  • Fang Noavs: Demon Black Thunder. <Jirasudo> is used to activate the technique of <Fang Noavs>, causing the black lightning to mercilessly cling and tear into the enemy's roots until they are destroyed for good.
  • Bebesd: Root source death. Anos stains his fingertips in dense black magic particles and impales with his spear hand towards the enemy, this directly attacks the root, possibly destroying it permanently if the attack is successful.
  • Nedonerias: Shackles and Collars. Anos summons a collar around the neck of a defeated enemy, which can induce them into a nightmare they will never wake up from unless either they fulfill certain conditions, or Anos releases them of his own volition.
  • Gia Greas: Demon Rock Falling Star Bullet. Huge jet black stones that pour out from a huge magic circle within the sky.
  • Rio Edram: Water Prison Destruction Waterfall. A huge magic formation on the land that spews out a powerful jet black waterfall upwards.
  • I Guneas: Everything. The magic that allows the user to ignore physical distances, grasping, and taking control of everything. Anos used this magic to move the moon to make an eclipse happen nine days earlier than it should have.
  • Deguzegdo: Demon Curse Necrosis Destruction. A curse resembling a black snake that appears on the body and causes the opponent's magical power to run amok leading to their death.
  • Delzogade: Demon King Castle Summon. This great magic that moves the Demon King Castle Delzogade, capable of emitting enormous magic power because it was originally a fixed magic tool, which was certainly impossible 2,000 years ago. However, origin magic is older, and by borrowing from an entity with greater magical power, it is possible to produce extraordinary results. If we borrowed power from Delzogade 2,000 years ago, it is not impossible to summon Delzogade of this era, which has a close relationship with it. Anos can only use Venuzdonoa within the vicinity of his Demon King's Castle, however, he can summon his castle anytime he wishes in exchange for using up a large chunk of his magic power.
  • Silica: Magic which allows the user to reincarnate.
  • Crest: Magic which allows the user to increase their growth rate.
  • Creation Magic: Magic which allows the user to produce things that already exist in the world.
  • Mystic Eye: An ability which allows him to see the blood inside others, the flow of magic power, and see things far away.
  • Liikus: Magic which allows the user to share their thoughts with others.
  • Fures: Magic which allows the user to fly.
  • Evui: Magic which recalls distant and far off memories.
  • Fusion Magic: Magic which allows him to fuse magics.
  • Rainel: Magic which allows the user to create illusions.
  • Naijira: Magic that hides all magic power.
  • Ento: Magic which can be used to heal others.
  • Lilia: Magic which allows him to join the sources of two people and transfer some of one of their power to the other.
  • Rihido: Magic that gives sacred power to weapons, armor, and tools.
  • Coco: Magic which allows him to breathe underwater and lasts as long as he has magic power left.

  • VenuzdonoaPrinciple Destroying Sword: The principle destroying sword which can destroy all things in creation. Whether it be destiny, providence, or a miracle. In front of it, they can do nothing but grovel and disappear. No matter how strong, eternal, or infinite Venuzdonoa will destroy them all. In front of this principle destroying sword all reason becomes illogical. Venuzdonoa doesn’t follow reason nor anything number related as anything that can be reasoned returns to nothing before it, hence it's useless to think about what it can or can't do. The only principle that Venuzdonoa allows to exist is the destruction of Anos's enemies. It should be noted that Anos can still use Venuzdonoa even without holding it on his hands, but the effect becomes weaker.
  • Two Rites Sword: A jet-black magic sword formed by connecting to the body of the Two Rites Tyrant with Demon King Army <Guys>, and mutating the body with Body Mutation <Athens>. Due to the connection made through <Guys>, the Two Rites Sword acts as a second vessel to Anos, being able to contain his source of destruction. A normal vessel would immediately perish, but because the body of the Two Rites Tyrant was extraordinarily strong, it could contain Anos' source of destruction. Anos stores a large amount of his magic power which originates from his source of destruction into this sword. As a side effect from being formed from the body of the Two Rites Tyrant, the Two Rites Sword gained his unique ability, the <Niritsu Kageto Dougdara>. By attacking the shadow of an enemy, immense damage is done to their real body. The combination of storing a large amount of Anos' magic power as well as possessing the <Niritsu Kageto Dougdara> makes this weapon incredibly powerful. It is considered an extremely deep magic, even by the standards of the Silver Sea.

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